Silver Tops $46, Jim Rogers – “Silver is not in a bubble”

$46 silver chart

Silver has continued its meteoric rise, breaking the $46 mark in the Asian markets tonight.  This chart is incredible – no overlap, it just keeps rising.  Jim Rogers spoke recently about silver’s amazing run of late.  He confirms silver is not in a bubble, but if it continues up as it has recently, it might be starting a parabolic move up, which must “end badly” as no asset class has ever experienced a parabolic move up without a massive correction. He hopes that commodities like silver continue to move up in an orderly fashion, however if the price of silver continues its rate of increase from the last few weeks, we would be on the path for $100+ silver in 2011, which would be a parabolic bubble move in price action, said Rogers.  “Without a currency collapse, I would be very worried.”   However, says Rogers, if the US Dollar becomes “confetti” then he won’t be selling his silver.

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