$1 Million Dollars in Gold and Silver Coins

American Precious Metals Exchange CEO Michael Haynes was interviewed on CNBC today discussing the rising investment demand for gold and silver, and he brought with him $1 Million dollars worth of gold and silver coins. I think even the paper-bug talking head CNBC host was impressed, as he seemed to enjoy holding them. If you silverbugs out there have problems convincing friends and family that silver is not a “barbarous relic” just hand them a 1 oz Silver Eagle. Just feeling the heft of a gold or silver coin in the hand sparks something inside most people, who will find themselves instantly attracted to it.

Update 4/25/11 – With gold and silver prices hitting all time-highs, Apmex CEO Michael Haynes made an appearance on CNN, and he brought his million dollar gold and silver stash with him as always!

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