Fed Shill on Facebook Bashing Silver

Today on the “Crash JPMorgan, Buy Silver” Facebook group, someone by the name of Stewart Baxter posted the following:

Warning Shill Alert

Silver is up around 100% since the first of September, right? U.S. dollar index is down around 8% in the same time period, but now
you’re all buying because the dollar is supposedly devaluing. Look You’re massively overpaying, just wait, and buy some later this summer. Now it not good timing. What do you think?

Mr. Baxter listed his employers as the Department of Defense, and the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, Texas. John Maynard Keynes inspires him, and his interests include JP Morgan. Hmm…

Stewart Baxter of Department of Defense and Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Stewart Baxter of Department of Defense and Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
Baxter's Idols - JPM and Keynes
Baxter's Idols - JPM and Keynes

After some fierce rebuttals from fellow silver liberation army soldiers, including some calling him out as a DoD shill, Mr. Baxter removed his employer information from his Facebook profile.

Check out some of the BS this shill is spouting –

Fed Shill Stewart Baxter
Fed Shill Stewart Baxter on Facebook
Federal Reserve Shill Facebook Anti-Silver Rant
Spoutings of a Federal Reserve Shill

This one really takes the cake. The Fed apparently exists to protect us from our own idiot selves! “Trust me, I am from the Fed and I am here to help.”

Stewart Baxter: “The central banking systemes are here to correct the inadequacies of the global population.”

Fed Exists to Protect the Sheeple
Central Banker Threatens Chaos if Fed is Ended

“You are not of the status to use metals as money. That is reserved for royalty.”

Peasants Can't Use Silver As Money
Peasants Can't Use Silver As Money

31 thoughts on “Fed Shill on Facebook Bashing Silver

  1. hoser Reply

    Hey Stew, I Too work for the Department of Defense and can honestly say “Fuck the Dollar!” I’ll take Silver every day of the week and twice on Sunday. I will say this, if they come up with a Silver coin with Bernankes’ picture on it I’ll buy one for ya. Along with a hundred for me and my homies…….

  2. olly Reply

    wow! if that isn’t the voice of the state i don’t know what is. unreal. keep stacking.

  3. Th e Elemental Economist Reply

    how pathetic you little Cass Sunstein do gooder, you think we are all so freakin stupid and dont know that Cass Sunstein, the “White House Information Czar” launched a govt camapign to infiltrate the anti-govt, anti-USD alternative media websites and spread dis-info on these message boards to try and steer the conversation back in favor of the Cleptocratic plutocrats who want a neo-feudalistic model for us peasants? How sad you are little man.

  4. mo Reply

    Fiat money has been backed by nothing and all currencies have been tied together since 1971. When all confidence to repay the debts is lost, all currencies go down together. The Federal Reserve Corporation uses this “money out of thin air” system like a modern whip to a slave. To stealthily steal the wealth of peasants through inflation, then crush them by deflation.

  5. That Guy Posts Like it was his Full Time job... Reply

    Oh wait… It probably is…

  6. Mathew Titus Reply

    This guy looks like David “The Sweaty Guy” – from months back – talking crap about a “Pole Shift” on March 15th. He did some Alex Jones bashing too…

    Maybe I’m wrong – but his face DOES look familiar.

  7. Interesting.... Reply

    End the fed and you get devastation and Chaos…Bail us out or there will be an economic catastrophe… “You must pay for such a privilege through taxation…” “Those not contributing labor are not a benefit to our system….” It’s thinly veiled slavery. Lets “bail out” the biggest speculators (No Labor) with the taxes of those who contribute labor. Then lets tax them more by printing more money and increasing the price of food and goods across the board. “But Ipads are cheaper…”

    So, This Guy’s Existence is Very Bullish For Silver. The Plutarchy is getting scared…

  8. 24K Reply


    I made a music video for one of my anti-banker songs at the London protest. You can see me singing infront of riot police HERE

    Zombie Bank Death Squad . com

    • MrSilverAG Post authorReply

      thanks for the comment. I love your song and video! Saw it was recently featured on Max Kesier’s site too, nice

      • 24K Reply

        Safe bro!

        More to come, dunno if I can get another 500,000 people to turn up next time 🙂

  9. James Reply

    How sad the word coming from government (or their hired stooges), even worse than their management, with false assurances, lies, a little fraud here, a little deceit there, and pretty soon we all feel good because we are told to do so. With Government taking over the banking system, auto industry, education, trade, food supply, and just about any other thing connected with the good life, it just goes to show that we can all look forward to the best there is with happy contented lives, all furnished by the government. And if you can believe this, I have a bridge in Brooklyn, and a Tower in France that are for sale, cheap. Just send me your money and I’ll send you a receipt.

  10. James Reply

    If for no other reason, buy silver as a memento of the good days, long gone, when real money existed. If everyone in America did this, it would encourage a return to real money very quickly. This is money the recent uncovered crooked bakers cannot replace with funny looking paper. Try silver, you’ll like it.

  11. 24K Reply

    I also sent Stuwie a friend request.

    Love to see his face when he sees that Zombie Bank Death Squad want to be his buddy

  12. AuCanary.blogspot.com Reply

    Damn! Can I get a job coming up with this stuff? Do you think they pay 6 digits? Do you think the DOD would mind if I actually bought silver from poor fools that believe this BS joke.

    Seriously though. This must be reverse logic… He looks so obvious that he can’t be real, so that is what you will believe. Then you’ll say: ” wait if he is real then the poor guy must be totally stupid and you’ll feel sorry for him. ”

    Someone ask him if he invests in Sprott PHYS or the Canadian Central Fund? Post Blythe’s pic up on his “page” or “wall” or whatever the CIA calls it.

    • MrSilverAG Post authorReply

      I agree, there is something so totally fishy with this guy. He won’t approve me as a Facebook friend, so I can’t post on his wall. =/

  13. .9999 pure Reply

    This guy is total psy-op. I would guess that he is a Max-Headroom-like stooge mashup designed to keep the sheep from waking up from their slumber.

    “Paper good”
    “Scary metal bad”
    “FED good”
    “Max Keiser bad”
    “Sleep good”
    “Awake bad”

  14. Fred Quimby Reply

    I will go the other way then thanks.

    Like I did when UBS said it will go down to $20 by Christmas 2010 and it I called +$24.50…..it ended at $28.50 for a 420% profit in 3 months.

    Enjoy your puts.

  15. Rotterdam Reply

    Superb .. I need help developing extra strategies on this regard, thank you for sharing. . . . . .

  16. Vick Lengye Reply

    Hello there, I found your blog thru Google, and found that it is really informative. A lot of other folks will be benefited from your writing. Cheers!

  17. Darcy Drake Reply

    Along with a hundred for me and my homies……. How sad you are little man. This guy is total psy-op.

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