JP Morgan Comex Default Underway?

The Internet rumor mill never stops.  JP Morgan is apparently unable to deliver 15,000 silver contracts, and the buyer has turned down an offer for SLV shares + 70% premium!  This could get interesting…

Check out the thread on the Yahoo finance message boards.

I’m still waiting for my 3 contracts to be delivered. I’ve already been offered cash for my 15,000 ounces of silver, which is totally illegal. The COMEX must deliver and I’m now getting brushed off. They told me that I may not be getting my silver delivery, but they’ll give me shares of SLV + a premium of 70%.

I’m having my lawyer contact the CME later today and we’ll see what happens. I know I’m not the only one having a problem with delivery and I’m now worried about a run on the physical bars. I’ll sue whomever is responsible for the failure to deliver whether it’s JPM or HSBC.

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